Françoise Bourrec aka Chattoune, was born in Paris, although endowed with a rich cultural background, being from various origins (Spain, Bresil, Italy...). Her early passion for wardrobe design has her attending, after Languages Study at the University, the Cours Berçot, internationally renowned for its education of fashion design. Still she will not limit herself to fashion - being strong tempered, naturally curious and eager for new experiences, she mingles various musical, cultural and ethnic influences in her everyday work - and will soon direct herself towards wardrobe design in show business, in its broad sense.  Very active in the advertisement world (L'Oréal, Cacharel, Nintendo,...), she will also design numerous costumes for music videos (Janet Jackson, Jane Birkin, Les Negresses Vertes, IAM,...), shows (Higelin ...), or short movies (le dernier chaperon rouge by Jan Kounen,...) all of which paved her way up to movies.

Her centers of interests and curiosity allow her to easily switch from contemporary drama (Les Rivières Pourpres II ) to comedy (Double Zéro, Fatal...) western (Blueberry, L'expérience Secrète) or even science-fiction (Dante 01, Babylon A.D...). Her work eventually led to a 2010 César nomination for "outstanding costume design" for Jan Kounen's Chanel & Stravinsky.


Das Boot (TV) by Andreas Prochaska
Break It All by Marc Fouchard
The Collection (TV) by Oliver Goldstick
Dheepan by Jacques Audiard
Crossing Lines (TV) by Ed Bernero
Take me to the water by Nelson Bourrec Carter
Grand Central by Rebecca Zlotowsky
Crossing Lines (TV) by Ed Bernero
Pop Rédemption by Martin Legall
Des morceaux de moi by Nolwen Lemesle
Le vol des cigognes (TV) by Jan Kounen / Engl. title : Flight of the Storks
Jack of Diamonds (TV) by Hervé Renoh
Fatal by Michael Youn
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky by Jan Kounen
Paris-Shanghai : a Fantasy (short) by Karl Lagerfeld
La journée de la jupe by Jea-Paul Lilienfeld / Engl. title : Skirt Day
Babylon A.D. by Mathieu Kassovitz
Dante 01 by Marc Caro
Chanel's Russian Connection (short) by Karl Lagerfeld
Les deux mondes by Daniel Cohen
99 Francs by Jan Kounen
Incontrôlable by RaffyShart
Les Chevaliers du ciel by Gérard Pirès / Engl. title : Sky Fighters
Animal by Rose Bosch
Double Zéro by Gérard Pirès
Les rivières pourpres II : les anges de l'apocalypse by Olivier Dahan / Engl. title : Crimson Rivers 2 : Angels of the Apocalypse
Blueberry, l'expérience secrète by Jan Kounen / Engl. title :Renegade
Le Défi by Bianca Li
Le Boulet by Alain Berbérian & Frédéric Foretier
Argent content (short) by Philippe Dussol
Taxi by Gérard Pirès
Dobermann by Jan Kounen
Bernie by Albert Dupontel
Le dernier chaperon (short) by Jan Kounen